Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at amdmi3.ru
Sun Feb 14 03:36:30 UTC 2010

* CeDeROM (tomek.cedro at gmail.com) wrote:

> I am trying to create a helper local port for testing RC1 version of a
> program that will soon have stable port update. Unfortunately the
> package is named "openocd-0.4.0-rc1.tar.gz" and I dont know how to
> construct a variable containing this "-RC1" suffix.

You can use DISTVERSION=0.4.0-rc1 instead of PORTVERSION.

+ you won't have to redefine DISTNAME, as DISTVERSION is substituded
  there directly
+ legal PORTVERSION will be constructed for you (that'll be 0.4.0.r1),
  and the nicest thing is that 0.4.0.r1 < 0.4.0, thus when you update
  the port to release, you won't need to bump PORTEPOCH.

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