FreeBSD Ports Problem - Please help

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at
Fri Feb 12 18:26:06 UTC 2010

jhell wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Feb 2010 07:27, lenzi.sergio@ wrote:
>> try to make it work again (with the now missing
>> by inserting a line in the /etc/libmap.conf
>> echo ""  >> /etc/libmap.conf
>> than probably all will work again... by the time you build all ports,
>> the later will be linked agains version 11.. and than you can
>> delete the line in the libmap.conf
>> Hope this will help.....
> Among all these you may find it useful to install sysutils/libchk.
> This utility can play a key role in locating just the packages/ports
> that need to be rebuilt against the new library.

Hmm, I just tested it, because my port sysutils contains pkg_libchk,
which has a very similar function.

My script needs 6m14.73s for a full run, whereas libchk only
requires 3m56.38s.

However libchk yields a lot of false positives, it's quite difficult
to find the information you need. The output of pkg_libchk looks
like that:
hdf5-1.6.9_1: /usr/local/bin/h5perf misses

So it's a lot easier to make a list of broken ports. It also only
lists directly linked libraries, so it really only lists the packages
that need relinking. A lot of its runtime is dedicated to detecting
false positives.

It doesn't have libchk's ability to list unused libraries, though.


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