FreeBSD Ports Problem - Please help

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Fri Feb 12 11:58:57 UTC 2010

On 12/02/2010 11:25, Jerry wrote:
> I have been experiencing a similar problem. I cannot locate
> on my system after the update. I do have this version
> however:
> 	$ locate
> 	/usr/local/lib/
> however, nothing wants to link against it.

I was misled by an out of date locate database. is the
ABI version installed by jpeg-8.  It's been in the ports for about 6
days now.

Every port that links against should have had its
PORTREVISION bumped so that they would be recompiled to link against
the new libjpeg shlib.  This should happen automatically by using your
standard 'update everything that is out of date' ports maintenance command

    # portupgrade -a


    # portmanager -a

You'll know if you've run those commands because a good fraction of
your installed ports would have been rebuilt.  Note however the bug and
workaround mentioned in UPDATING if you use KDE 3 or QT 33 based
software.  If you don't apply the workaround, then eg. kde apps can end
up still linked against

If all your ports are apparently up to date, but still somehow not
linked against then the procedure I described in my
previous e-mail should sort you out.



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