Drowning in a KDE4 - xorg - nvidia glass of water after updating all over the weekend. w/links sorry attachments didn't get through

eculp eculp at encontacto.net
Mon Feb 8 23:17:21 UTC 2010

Quoting Warren Block <wblock at wonkity.com>:

> On Mon, 8 Feb 2010, eculp wrote:
>> http://encontacto.net/bsd/Xorg.0.log
> That log file contains a log from trying the nv driver (didn't like  
> that board) and the VESA driver, but not one with the nvidia driver.
> The TWM log doesn't tell much, but this is revealing:
> (EE) Feb 08 12:30:59 NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the GLX module;  
> please check in your X
> (EE) Feb 08 12:30:59 NVIDIA(0):     log file that the GLX module has  
> been loaded in your X
> (EE) Feb 08 12:30:59 NVIDIA(0):     server, and that the module is  
> the NVIDIA GLX module.
> There may be some missing requirements for the nvidia driver.  Try  
> running it again, then grab Xorg.0.log.

Thanks, Warren.  With the configuration file you sent I get


Without a config file en X11 I see something different with fbdevhw.


I think I need to get this in perspective.  I'm doing something very wrong.

Thanks again for your help,


> -Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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