Portmaster 2.18, several bug fixes

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Feb 8 06:56:36 UTC 2010


I just committed the following as portmaster version 2.18. It fixes all 
of the reported bugs and feature requests related to the recently added 
build confirmation and xterm titlebar features. My apologies for the 
long delay in getting this into the tree, lots of $REAL_LIFE obligations 

I've tested these changes fairly thoroughly in the interest of not 
introducing new bugs in the bug fixes, especially so close to the ports 
freeze for 7.3-RELEASE. So please let me know ASAP if I've missed 
something (again). :)



New Features
1. Add a --no-term-title option to avoid updating the xterm title bar

Bug Fixes
1. Add code to prevent duplicate entries in the list of things to be
done for the user to confirm after config is done.
2. Add code so that if a user has an +IGNOREME file for a port that
is a dependency and chooses not to update it we will not falsely claim
that it will be updated in post_config().
3. If we are running on a cons25 terminal let term_printf() return
instead of trying to printf the escapes which won't work and will
annoy users.
4. Fix 2 places where sudo privileges might be needed but the non-sudo
version of the command was called. [1]
5. If a user chose -G don't print the (${dep_of_deps}/${num_of_deps})
in the xterm title since the latter will not be incremented. This has
the pleasant side effect of allowing better indenting of the code.

Submitted by:   N.J. Mann <njm at njm.me.uk> [1] (for pkg_delete)


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