FreeBSD ports which are currently scheduled for deletion

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Sun Feb 7 20:34:35 UTC 2010

On Sun, Feb 07, 2010 at 08:30:13AM +0100, linimon at wrote:
> that have been judged to have outlived their usefulness.  Often,
> this is due to a better alternative having become available and/or
> the cessation of development on the existing port.  In some cases,
> ports are marked for removal because they fail to build and install
> correctly from their sources, or otherwise fail in operation.
> portname:           math/scilab
> description:        A free Matlab clone by INRIA & ENPC
> maintainer:         utisoft at
> deprecated because: unmaintained, many releases behind upstream (without
>                     anyone caring), broken nearly everywhere
> expiration date:    2009-11-21
> build errors:       none.
> overview: 

Can we keep this port just a bit longer.
I'll ask in the SC dept if this could be
run as a UG project.

It's an actively developed useful software with no
clear free alternative. Shame nobody here (I mean UoB)
has any fbsd skills..


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