FreeBSD Port: sysutils/smartmontools (daily_status_smart_devices with 3ware controller)

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at
Sat Feb 6 12:22:13 UTC 2010

On Wed, 3 Feb 2010, Philip Paeps wrote:

PP> On 2010-02-01 16:40:45 (-0500), Mike Jakubik <mike.jakubik at> wrote:
PP> > I am trying to obtain a daily smart status report on one of my servers 
PP> > which uses a 3ware controller. To access these devices from 
PP> > smartmontools you need to refer to each drive as 3ware,0 or 3ware,1. 
PP> > This doesn't seem to work well with the period script, ie. 
PP> > daily_status_smart_devices="3ware,0 3ware,1 3ware,2" does not produce 
PP> > any output. I have tried escaping the comma with \ but still nothing. 
PP> > Any ideas on how to get these to work with the daily periodic script?
PP> Not without modifying the periodic script.  I make a copy of the script
PP> provided by the port and modify it to specify the -d 3ware,n and get a list of
PP> those 'n' from periodic.conf.

Please try the patch attached. Note that you have to specify your 3ware disks 

daily_status_smart_devices="twa0,0 twa0,1 twa0,2" 

(controller device name instead of "3ware")

In no objection case I'll make this patch part of port distribution.


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