HEADS UP: change default Perl version to 5.10

Sergey Skvortsov skv at FreeBSD.org
Fri Feb 5 21:50:30 UTC 2010


Default Perl version is changed to 5.10.

This change does not affect systems with already installed Perl (5.8 or 5.10).

Only for systems without installed Perl new 5.10 port will be used.

If you have already installed lang/perl5.8 and want switch to
lang/perl5.10 please follow instructions:

Portupgrade users:
    0) Fix pkgdb.db (for safety):
        pkgdb -Ff

    1) Reinstall perl with new 5.10:
        portupgrade -o lang/perl5.10 -f perl-5.8.\*

    2) Reinstall everything that depends on Perl:
        portupgrade -fr perl

Portmaster users:
        portmaster -o lang/perl5.10 lang/perl5.8
        portmaster -r perl-

Note: If the "perl-" glob matches  more than one port you will need to
      specify the name of the perl directory in /var/db/pkg explicitly.

Sergey Skvortsov
mailto: skv at FreeBSD.org

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