net/samba34 does not create all required directories

Spil Oss spil.oss at
Fri Feb 5 14:36:29 UTC 2010


Just built net/samba34 (only ACL, AIO, FAM, SYSLOG and POPT enabled)
and created a package samba34-3.4.5.tbz in my build jail.

Installed the package in a different jail and couldn't start samba.

First error was the pid-files related to /var/run/samba34 not existing

Second error
"initialise_wins: failed to open wins.tdb. Error was No such file or directory"
Solved by tempory disabling wins support in smb.conf. After fixing
third error I re-enabled it and it lives in /var/lib/samba as well

Third error
"write_browse_list: Can't open file /var/lib/samba/browse.dat"

1. /var/run/samba34 was not created by the package (was created in the
build jail)
2. /var/lib/samba was not created

smbd -b | grep DIR revealed all directories that must exist when starting samba

Upgrading info is a bit meager, no UPGRADING file and the doc contains
only a reference to the smbpasswd deprecation.

Kind regards,


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