[CFT] Firefox 3.6 for FreeBSD

Greg Lewis glewis at eyesbeyond.com
Fri Feb 5 07:47:15 UTC 2010

On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 07:48:37AM +1100, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On 2010-Feb-04 01:19:33 +0100, Martin Wilke <miwi at FreeBSD.org> wrote:
> >The problem was that starting Firefox 3.6 with certain
> >addons installed was not possible. Now it looks like all
> >problems are solved and we can start a CFT.
> Thanks to all for your efforts.
> >weekend. We should also note that the java plugin currently
> >does not work with 3.6.
> This is a blocker for me.  What is involved in building a
> java plugin to suit the new FF36 interface?  Please let me know
> if there's anything I can do to assist the effort.

Well, I don't believe the java plugin works with Firefox 3.5, so this isn't
a new development.

I haven't looked into this enough recently but I would suggest there are
two promising options.  If Sun is including a FF 3.6 compatible plugin
with its current jdk16 release then we should grab the newest available
jdk16 code and update the jdk16 port with it.  Thats not a small piece
of work though as the port is languishing at Update 3 and I think Sun
is at Update 18.  The other option is to port the IcedTea plugin to
our openjdk6 port, assuming that is FF 3.6 compatible.  That shouldn't
be too difficult.

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