Call for testing: new mplayer and x264 port

Pierre Guinoiseau geekounet at
Thu Feb 4 09:30:37 UTC 2010


the mplayer and mencoder ports are missing multimedia/v4l_compat in BUILD_DEPENDS
when V4L support is enabled. (in my case, libv4l was already installed, and I
always clean the build deps, so v4l_compat wasn't installed).

It works fine otherwise, on a 8.0-RELEASE system. Thanks !

Pierre Guinoiseau

Thomas Zander wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have spent some time working on the experimental new mplayer port
> and the (dissatisfying) x264 story today, and those of you who are
> interested can find the results here:
> It contains the drop-in replacements for multimedia/mplayer and
> mencoder as well x264 (beware, the library version of ports depending
> on it must be bumped but it works with this mencoder port).
> So now we have all the latest and greatest features combined in this tarball:
> - Video4Linux support for webcam owners
> - Nvidia VDPAU support
> - x264 encoding (with or without speed optimized asm routines, your
> choice!), very recent x264 version (I'd assume maintainership of x264
> when this is committed if nobody objects)
> I have tested this only on amd64 so far, so I'd appreciate as much
> feedback as you can provide.
> Happy transcoding,
> Riggs
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