net-im/ejabberd 2.0.5 to 2.1.0

Guy Brand gb at
Wed Feb 3 20:40:14 UTC 2010

Kamigishi Rei (spambox at on 03/02/2010 at 22:29 wrote:


> You can fetch the updated port directory at
> (you'll probably
> need archivers/xz to unpack it). Note: it extracts as net-im/ejabberd.

Just a note on the installed documentation:

~/net-im/ejabberd# make install
# Documentation
install -d /usr/local/usr/local/share/doc/ejabberd
install ../doc/guide.html /usr/local/usr/local/share/doc/ejabberd
install ../doc/*.png /usr/local/usr/local/share/doc/ejabberd
install ../doc/*.txt /usr/local/usr/local/share/doc/ejabberd

There is an extra "/usr/local" in the path.


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