FreeBSD Port: freeradius-2.1.6

David Wood david at
Tue Feb 2 19:13:21 UTC 2010

Dear all,

I must apologise for taking my eye off the ball with the FreeRADIUS 
port. I've been extremely busy recently, and am likely to remain rather 
busy for the next couple of months. A further complication is that I'm 
about to reformat and reinstall my FreeBSD server.

I did put some work into the Perl problem and the libtool problem in the 
past, but didn't come up with fully working solutions.

I'll attempt to look at your gzip urgently, Nick, also PR ports/143487, 
so that we can get the port working again.

I'm aware too of utmp related breakage on 9-CURRENT, though that will 
probably have to wait for a while.

pkg-plist is always a tricky file to get right for FreeRADIUS. I have a 
rather hacky shell script that parses a FreeRADIUS source tree and 
creates pkg-plist. Maybe I should place it online somewhere - so long as 
you all promise not to vomit.

If it transpires that I can't give the port what it deserves in the 
medium to long term, I will look to relinquish maintainership, though 
I'm not quite to that point yet.

If it does come to looking for a new maintainer, people should be aware 
that FreeRADIUS can be a very time consuming port to maintain. It has 
many files and a large number of dependencies.

Once again, my apologies for the collective disappointment.

Humbly yours,

David Wood
david at

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