gcc- marked broken?

Troy troy at twisted.net
Fri Dec 31 20:19:51 UTC 2010

nope. I just checked and deleted gcc44.  Thanks for your clarification guys.

On 12/31/2010 10:59 AM, Robert Huff wrote:
> Gerald Pfeifer writes:
>>   If you want to use GCC on FreeBSD, I recommend to go for
>>   lang/gcc45 (short: gcc45).  I do not know what caused the
>>   installation of gcc44 on your system, but gcc45 should be
>>   strictly preferrable and not needed by anything else.
> 	Root question: is there any program that has a specific
> requirement for gcc44 - i,e, one that cannot be satisfied by gcc43
> or gcc45?
> 					Robert Huff

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