libxul build hit the roof!

Da Rock freebsd-ports at
Wed Dec 29 23:08:15 UTC 2010

On 12/30/10 01:23, Anonymous wrote:
> Da Rock<freebsd-ports at>  writes:
>> I was doing an update of my system, and I hit these errors and skipped
>> builds all over the place; so I've been eliminating them one by one
>> and making the skipped list smaller.
>> In the process of these investigations I noticed that my system
>> practically froze several times and I spotted multiple pfaults through
>> top.
> Try building with -Wl,--no-keep-memory in CFLAGS/LDFLAGS. My guess is
> that you don't have enough memory to keep linking process from being
> swapped out.
>> I also ran a lone run of just libxul as it was one in the list
>> with an error: new compiler error.
>> I then basically shut every app I was running down and ran it again
>> with just top showing. I found that at least one part hit the roof of
>> my system, with nsCharacter... something or rather running at 1430M+
>> in swap, and 520M+ resident when compiling.
>> Does anyone else think it might be wise to put a warning during build
>> saying that this could take over 2G+ of memory to compile, and rebuild
>> with no apps running if it fails?
> No need to kill (inactive) apps, they'd be swapped out during build.
I apologise, I should have been more specific. I have a system with 1G 
RAM, and 2G swap. This I would say is average, but I dare say there'd be 
others out there with less. It also runs as a desktop system.

I got it worked out in the end, but it still took 2G+ memory to build; 
so my suggestion is a warning to EU in the make process that this could 
take a lot of memory to build, and some suggestions as to how to prevent 
or workaround the problem so they don't go whining on the list about it 
being broken.

There are other ports out there with messages about drive space, why not 

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