libxul build hit the roof!

Da Rock freebsd-ports at
Wed Dec 29 10:10:18 UTC 2010

I was doing an update of my system, and I hit these errors and skipped 
builds all over the place; so I've been eliminating them one by one and 
making the skipped list smaller.

In the process of these investigations I noticed that my system 
practically froze several times and I spotted multiple pfaults through 
top. I also ran a lone run of just libxul as it was one in the list with 
an error: new compiler error.

I then basically shut every app I was running down and ran it again with 
just top showing. I found that at least one part hit the roof of my 
system, with nsCharacter... something or rather running at 1430M+ in 
swap, and 520M+ resident when compiling.

Does anyone else think it might be wise to put a warning during build 
saying that this could take over 2G+ of memory to compile, and rebuild 
with no apps running if it fails?

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