problem with port gobject-introspection on 9.0-CURRENT

Goran Gajic ggajic at
Tue Dec 28 00:31:52 UTC 2010

And just a little update:

when I have reverted 9.0-CURRENT to revision 215974

svn up -r 215974

I was able to compile gobject-introspection. So something has changed
in HEAD source tree that brakes building of this package..


On Mon, 27 Dec 2010, Eygene Ryabinkin wrote:

> Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 02:49:40PM +0100, Goran Gajic wrote:
>> I am using glib-2.26.1_1 built from ports too as I have started with
>> complete fresh 9.0-CURRENT (removed all previously installed ports and
>> with no ports installed at all in chroot environment)..
> OK.  Can you show the contents of your /usr/local/share/gir-1.0
> directory?  I can't reproduce your problem on the fresh i386/9-CURRENT
> box, so I suspect that something in your current configuration
> breaks g-ir stuff.
> Thanks!

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