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Willy Offermans Willy at
Thu Dec 16 13:20:12 UTC 2010

Dear Samba friends,

Last weekend I decided to upgrade the samba server. We were running Samba
3.3 something and FreeBSD portupgrade was complaining that this version
should be removed and assumingly replaced by the newest version. I removed
the package via portupgrade and installed the 3.5.6 version. The upgrade
went quite smoothly in general, but I encountered some difficulties with
the printer drivers.

Before the upgrade we were able to print on 4 printers. After the upgrade
only 1.5 printer was working. 1 Printer worked as expected, 1 printer
printed only garbage and 2 printers were not working at all. I only managed
to solve the problems by de-installing and re-installing the printer
drivers on the samba server. So somehow the databases in
/var/db/samba/*.tdb have been messed up. I do not know what went wrong in
detail and neither do I know how to prevent these kind of issues in the
next upgrade.

What is the procedure to upgrade samba to the newest version? How should
one proceed and what are the pitfalls? How should we deal with the printer
definitions and printer drivers? What should we in general do with the
database files, next to backup?

And specifically for FreeBSD users: How should we deal with an upgrade of
samba via portupgrade?

Met vriendelijke groeten,
With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Gruessen,


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