Mike Sabroff msabroff at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 14 22:16:28 UTC 2010

   Matthew Seaman wrote:

On 14/12/2010 18:18, Mike Sabroff wrote:

I am trying to get a VPN connection to the office and after googleing,
it looked like this would be a good choice for FreeBSD.

I am running 7.3-RELEASE FreeBSD. I had no problem building or
installing, in fact it was fast and sweet!

I followed some documentation I found on the setup and modifying the
/etc/resolve.conf file and all went fine until I ran the script to
invoke pptp and when it ran I got an error message stating basically
that /usr/bin/ip was an unknown command.

ip is a linux command but doesn't seem to be part of a default freebsd
system and is not a dependency of the pptpclient port.

My question is....What if any is the equivalent of ip on freebsd or
which port would I install to get ip or it's equivalent?


Most of the equivalent functionality of {/sbin,/usr/bin}/ip  is provided
by ifconfig(8) under FreeBSD -- plus some combination of route(8),
ipfw(8) or pf(4) as well as (obviously) ppp(8) and a few other
bits'n'bobs (all of which are part of the base OS).  Which suggests that
the instructions you're following are very much linux specific.  Linux
instructions tend to have this fatal flaw of working /on linux/ and
almost but not quite working elsewhere.

I'd hazard a guess that if it's anything useful, then someone has
written a web page or blogged or otherwise created some sort of
equivalent on FreeBSD, and that it is probably available on the web for
the taking.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to type a
suitably cunning Google search that reveals at least one example thereof.



Thanks for the info.

I see what I can dig up.....or should I say "I accept the mission" and watch my
 monitor self destruct?


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