Mike Sabroff msabroff at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 14 18:30:24 UTC 2010

I am trying to get a VPN connection to the office and after googleing, 
it looked like this would be a good choice for FreeBSD.

I am running 7.3-RELEASE FreeBSD. I had no problem building or 
installing, in fact it was fast and sweet!

I followed some documentation I found on the setup and modifying the 
/etc/resolve.conf file and all went fine until I ran the script to 
invoke pptp and when it ran I got an error message stating basically 
that /usr/bin/ip was an unknown command.

ip is a linux command but doesn't seem to be part of a default freebsd 
system and is not a dependency of the pptpclient port.

My question is....What if any is the equivalent of ip on freebsd or 
which port would I install to get ip or it's equivalent?

Mike Sabroff
msabroff at sbcglobal.net
608-877-0676 - Home
608-516-1801 - Cell

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