Announce: the utility that dumps CVS logs for any port

Alexander Gromnitsky alexander.gromnitsky at
Mon Dec 13 22:05:05 UTC 2010


There is a small program--portvcs[0] that can feed your terminal with
logs for a particular port from CVS server. It's useful for those of
us who hates to browse cvsweb with firefox.

For example, you can type:

% portvcs www/firefox

and it dumps logs for firefox (by default from now to 1 year ago). Or:

% pwd
% portvcs Makefile

to see logs for gtk20.

To install portvcs type:

# gem install portvcs

Warning: it requires Ruby 1.9.2 (and no other dependencies). Make sure
you have


in /etc/make.conf. Or install portvcs under RVM[1]. After installation

% ri PortVCS

to get additional help.


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