emacs and gconf troubles

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Sun Dec 12 13:53:28 UTC 2010

On 12/11/10 16:18, Ashish SHUKLA wrote:
> Hi Andrea,
> Sorry for the late reply.

No problem!
Really, thanks for your help.

> Okay, I'm able to reproduce warnings. As emacs tries to lookup DBUS session
> bus in the environment, and if it doesn't find one, it starts one. And "dbus"
> keeps running in the same TTY after you close emacs, so when you try to exit
>  From the SSH session, it hangs waiting for all processes (attached to current
> TTY) to exit, and therefore you've to kill the SSH session forcibly. To verify
> this, you can kill the started dbus-daemon (attached to the same TTY) and you
> should be able to exit from SSH session as usual.
> I'm not sure if my explanation is correct for this behavior.

I think it only explains part of it.

Scenario A:
_ dbus is running on localhost;
_ I run Konsole and start Emacs from there;
_ I get the warning (but DBUS is running!!!);
_ after I exit Emacs, Konsole usually closes, but not always (!!!).

Scenario B:
_ dbus is running on localhost;
_ I run Konsole and SSH into another box;
_ on the remote box dbus is not running;
_ I run Emacs, get the warning and DBUS is started;
_ after I exit Emacs I cannot close Konsole unless I also close DBUS.

So your explanation fits the second scenario perfectly, but does not 
explain the first.
Also, I read I shouldn't run DBUS on the remote machine, but let Emacs 
connect to the one on localhost? Is this true? How do I do it?
Should I run DBUS from rc on every box?

  bye & Thanks

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