Portmaster users: Beta testers wanted

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Sun Dec 12 02:30:12 UTC 2010

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For those of you who are portmaster users I'm making another of my
periodic requests for beta testers. I'm making a lot of changes to
portmaster after the 3.5 version recently released to ports, and while
as always I'm doing my best to regression test the changes y'all are
very creative when it comes to combinations of options that never
occurred to me. :)

The main 2 new features are:

1. Introduce get_answer() to handle processing of y/n questions that we
want to be able to override on the command line with either -y or -n

Utilize this new function to provide -y|n support for the following:
- -e, -s, --clean-distfiles, --clean-packages, --check-port-dbdir, and
- --check-depends. This also allows me to deprecate the horribly hacky
- --clean-distfiles-all and --clean-packages-all in favor of -y.

2. Support for the -e, -s, -l, -L, --list-origins, and --check-depends
features to work without a ports tree.

While these changes may seem simple (and in some ways they are) they
required a non-trivial amount of code to be relocated, which is always
fun. There may be more to come, but I'd really like to get these
features well tested so that I can release them in the ports version
before the upcoming FreeBSD 7 and 8 -RELEASEs. In the past my requests
for beta testers have been met with somewhat limited results, which
(combined with my own mistakes) has led to some version churn. I'd like
to avoid that if we can.

So, if you're inclined to help, you can get the svn version by using the
following instructions:

The subversion repository for the work in progress:

If you have subversion installed locally you can also do:
svn co svn://svn.freebsd.org/base/user/dougb/portmaster

I haven't updated the completion files or man page for the new stuff
yet, but will do that soon. The --help in portmaster itself is up to
date however, so if you're curious about how the new features fit in
that's the place to look.



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