help with fix for graphics/linux-f10-glew - fails: mtree

Eitan Adler lists at
Fri Dec 10 00:51:49 UTC 2010

Attached is a QAT report for one of my ports. I am currently in middle
of finals week and I'm unable to do anything about it now. I therefore
give implicit permission to any comitter to fix this port. Please
don't change my other ports without giving me a heads up though


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From:  <QAT at>
Date: Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 4:38 PM
Subject: graphics/linux-f10-glew - fails: mtree
To: lists at

The Restless Daemon identified a mtree error while trying to build:
 linux-f10-glew-1.5.1 maintained by lists at
 Makefile ident: $FreeBSD: ports/graphics/linux-f10-glew/Makefile,v
1.1 2010/09/26 22:11:22 itetcu Exp $
The build of this port was tried 2 times since last BotMail
while trying to build ports that depend on it. ;-)

Excerpt from

Let your lists for hosts, passwd and group be resolved via nsswitch.conf:
       passwd: files nis
       shadow: files nis
       group:  files nis
       hosts:  files dns nis

WARNING: doing work which needs to chroot into the linux base may not work.
In such cases (e.g. cross-development) you are better suited with a linux_dist

===>  Installing for linux-f10-glew-1.5.1
===>   linux-f10-glew-1.5.1 depends on file:
/compat/linux/etc/fedora-release - found
===>   Generating temporary packing list
===>  Checking if graphics/linux-f10-glew already installed
cd /work/a/ports/graphics/linux-f10-glew/work && /usr/bin/find * -type
d -exec /bin/mkdir -p "/compat/linux/{}" \;
cd /work/a/ports/graphics/linux-f10-glew/work && /usr/bin/find * !
-type d | /usr/bin/cpio -pm -R root:wheel /compat/linux
984 blocks
===>   Running linux ldconfig
/compat/linux/sbin/ldconfig -r /compat/linux
===>   Registering installation for linux-f10-glew-1.5.1
====================<phase 7: make package>====================
===>  Building package for linux-f10-glew-1.5.1
Deleting linux-f10-glew-1.5.1
pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory '/compat/linux/usr/share/doc'
pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory '/compat/linux/usr/share'
pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory '/compat/linux/usr/lib'
pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory '/compat/linux/usr/bin'
pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory '/compat/linux/usr'
pkg_delete: couldn't entirely delete package (perhaps the packing list is
incorrectly specified?)

=== Checking filesystem state
list of extra files and directories in / (not present before this port
was installed but present after it was deinstalled)
42771542        4 drwxr-xr-x    2 root             wheel
  512 Dec  9 21:38 compat/linux/usr/share/doc/glew-1.5.1
42771543        8 -rw-r--r--    1 root             wheel
 3870 Dec  9 21:38 compat/linux/usr/share/doc/glew-1.5.1/LICENSE.txt
build of /usr/ports/graphics/linux-f10-glew ended at Thu Dec  9
21:38:48 UTC 2010

The tarballed WRKDIR can be found here:

PortsMon page for the port:

The build which triggered this BotMail was done under
tinderbox-3.3_3; dsversion: 3.2.1 on RELENG_8 on amd64, kern.smp.cpus: 8
with tinderd_flags="-nullfs -plistcheck -onceonly" and ccache support, with the
"official" up-to-date Ports Tree, with the following vars set:

A description of the testing process can be found here:

Thanks for your work on making FreeBSD better,

QAT - your friendly neighborhood Daemon,
preparing  a heck of an error trapping system:
 - "HMC and EOI?"
 - "Halt, Melt and Catch fire or Execute Operator Immediately."

Eitan Adler

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