Freebsd-dropbox port

Vassilis Laganakos vassilis.laganakos at
Tue Dec 7 22:35:49 UTC 2010


I am not sure if this is the right place to ask questions about creating new 
so please let me know if this not the case :-)

I was interested in getting Dropbox to work on FreeBSD. I'm running RELENG-8
and I've pulled together an initial skeleton for the 2 ports-to-be, that 
reside at:

They need some more testing regarding dependencies and some more investigation
in where things need to be installed (mainly linux-dropbox part, the 
is happy :-) ). It is using the Linux pre-built binaries that are provided with 
one part
of the application; and run through Linuxulator (linux_base-f10)

Unfortunally though, the thing does not work due to Linuxulator not emulating 
inotify (in FreeBSD there is something similar: kqueue) :-( 
There have been discussions and some activity behind this though.

Never the less, I thought of dropping an email here to see if anyone else is 
and maybe help with advice/pointers/info/code :-)

Kind regards,
Vassilis L.


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