A few questions about bsd.port.mk

Eitan Adler lists at eitanadler.com
Thu Dec 2 22:50:15 UTC 2010

I noticed a line in bsd.port.mk "Kludge for pre-3.0 systems"

# Kludge for pre-3.0 ystems
MACHINE_ARCH?=       i386

According to cvs blame asami@ added both lines in revision 1.306 in 1999

Furthermore in bsd.port.mk it says ports should test against ARCH and
but bsd.port.subdir.mk uses MACHINE_ARCH on line 209.

bsd.gnustep.mk has a similar test for MACHINE_ARCH instead of ARCH on
line 136 (r1.1 by dinoex)

1) Should the initial line be removed
2) Should bsd.port.subdir.mk be changed to use ARCH instead?
3) Should bsd.gnustep.mk be changed to use ARCH instead?

Overall I've been finding lots of inconsistent old hacks in bsd.*.mk
and its difficult to tell which ones are still needed and which ones
are not :-(


Eitan Adler

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