textproc/uni2ascii build failure on FreeBSD 7.3

Emanuel Haupt ehaupt at critical.ch
Tue Aug 31 08:25:36 UTC 2010

Bill Poser <billposer2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Alternatively, one could try and get the author (CC'd) to restore
> > getline.c in the official source but only build it/make use of it
> > when a specific configure or make flag is specified.
> >
> > Hi. I think that's the best solution. I'll restore the internal
> > copy and
> test for the library version in the configure file.

I've just fixed the port for the current version a few minutes ago. So
there is no hurry. I'd rather have the port use the system internal
version so I'm in favor or Bill's removal.


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