FreeRADIUS and E-Directory

John D McDonnell gorgarath at
Fri Aug 27 18:13:31 UTC 2010

Hello, I've a question about compiling FreeRADIUS with
E-Directory support. In the FreeRADIUS 1.x branch, there is a
toggle in options for compiling with support for e-dir. In the
2.x branch, there is no toggle. I have sent an e-mail to the
FreeRADIUS mailing list and had it confirmed that FR still needs
to be compiled with the e-dir option, but they were not sure how
to do that in FreeBSD. While we are currently only checking MAC
addresses, I would like to switch to usernames in order to tell
who is using which computer when and need to tie into our Novell

Please reply to the list as I check the list with a different e-mail
address. (It's an exchange account and I've found my mail to the
list bounces.)

Thanks in advance!

John McDonnell
Penn Cambria School District
mcdonnjd at

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