PHP warning after 5.3.3 -> 5.3.3_1 bump

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Thu Aug 26 12:41:51 UTC 2010

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Morgan Wesström wrote:
> Upgraded lang/php from port revision 5.3.3 to 5.3.3_1 yesterday to
> include the new native MySQL drivers. Now I get the following warning
> every time a php script is executed:
> PHP Warning:  Module 'zlib' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
> Even a simple "php -v" displays this warning.
> - I have rebuilt php and all ports depending on it.
> - I have verified that extensions.ini doesn't contain duplicates.
> - I have searched for any other references to zlib.
> This isn't critical I guess, but annoying. Any suggestions on how to
> solve this would be appreciated.
> Regards
> Morgan

Hi Morgan,

The only time that I've seen that error, it has been caused by duplicate
extension loading.  If you've already removed duplicates from your
extensions.ini file, set up a page with the phpinfo() function so you
can see what other .ini file directories might be in the search path.

You might even get some good information from this command:

truss -f -a -s 256 -o /tmp/php-cli.log php -v

Once the process exits, check the /tmp/php-cli.log file and search for
"zlib" in it.  You might see the zlib extension loaded more than once
and be able to determine what .ini file is causing the duplication.

Hope that helps,
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