FETCH_ARGS -a in Makefile of www/moonshine & chinese/ibus-chewing

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Mon Aug 23 13:24:15 UTC 2010

Hi mono at FreeBSD.org, lihong at ieee.org
cc: ports at freebsd.org
I didn't use send-pr with a diff for this [yet], as review requested [first].

	-current/ports/www/moonshine/Makefile		FETCH_ARGS=   -apRr
	-current/ports/chinese/ibus-chewing/Makefile 	FETCH_ARGS=   -apRr
please remove 
(or perhaps its better to remove the whole line?) 

Purpose: to allow eg 
	cd /usr/ports ; make -k fetch
to safely descend to
	cd www/moonshine ; make fetch
& run properly trying more URLs, 
	(with '-a' , here it locked up, looping fast forever on my
	local (broken) ftp proxy, never getting to my working http
	proxy, which satifies normal ports fetch URLs.  'a' stole
	so much CPU I had to escape the X session to ps & kill the
	fetch PID.)

	Default: "-ApRr"
If user wants to over ride default, he can set it in

find on all ports for FETCH_ARGS found just those 2 ports with '-a'
(but I didnt think about eg FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS).

PS I think I caught some other port[s] some time, that also had
'-a' & got removed, I can't remember which.  

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