Florian Smeets flo at
Wed Aug 18 07:49:42 UTC 2010

On 16.08.10 17:06, Матковский Александр wrote:
> Hello.


> Can you tell me when planed adding asterisk 1.6.2 in ports Freebsd?.
> I try write to maintainer: sobomax at, but received error:
> 550 sender or recipient address is wrong

the unavailability or unresponsiveness of sobomax has stalled any effort 
regarding asterisk for the last few month. There were several PRs which 
wanted to update to port to some version of 1.6.x.x

Asterisk16 does not even build, and that at least since 3rd of June. I 
submitted a PR (148630) to fix it but nothing happened... I even think 
8.1. shipped with the port broken.

We should start moving to the 1.6.2 branch, as was the last 
bugfix release for the branch we currently have in ports. An update to would be PR 144758 + PORTVERSION and distinfo changes.

I absolutely do not want to sound grumpy or "attack" Maxim, i just want 
us to move forward :-)


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