portmaster always re-installs some ports

Charlie Kester corky1951 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 17 21:37:11 UTC 2010

On Tue 17 Aug 2010 at 14:22:21 PDT Charlie Kester wrote:
>Tried manually de-installing py-reportlab and got a similar error
>message from pkg_delete about not being able to delete
>site-packages/reportlab.  This looks promising.  I'll clean this stuff
>out manually and then reinstall, as I did with py-imaging, and check
>py-xml to see if it has a similar problem.

Sorry to reply to my own post, but I want to be sure to document as much
as I can in this thread, in case someone else ever encounters a similar

py-xml also failed to deinstall cleanly.  So there's the common factor.

After cleaning up and reinstalling py-reportlab and py-xml, I ran portmaster
--check-depends and noticed that it updated the REQUIRED_BY for each of them.
(I'd noticed the same thing yesterday for py-imaging after I had updated to
the new version.)

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