i keep *trying* to move from portupgrade to portmaster

Mike Jakubik mike.jakubik at intertainservices.com
Tue Aug 17 20:16:07 UTC 2010

On 8/17/2010 4:07 AM, Matthias Andree wrote:

> To be a bit impolite and blunt, if people acted a bit less helplessly --
> meaning that the solution is so relatively simple as a one-liner in a
> reasonable shell -- there probably isn't a need to change portmaster
> code. This can instead go into the portmaster manual as a usage example.

If no one asked or complained there would be no progress. I think you 
misnterperted my intentions, which were to make the tool easier and more 
functional for everyone. A lot of complex tasks can be accomplished with 
a 1 line amalgamation of grep, awk, perl, etc. This doesn't mean we 
shouldn't build tools that simplify those tasks, hence the portmaster 
tool itself.

> And telling what this is up to doing without committing to it is as
> simple as prefixing "echo" to the whole line.

You assume my level of commitment because i didn't produce code before 
asking the author for his opinion? Ok..

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