It's annoying when something other than rsyncd listens on tco/873

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> On 08/16/2010 01:49, David Wolfskill wrote:
>> My build machine is noisy & generates heat, so I leave it powered off
>> when it's not actively in use.
>> As a consequence, it gets rebooted rather often.
>> It is configured to run rsyncd(8) so I can update my laptop's local mirror
>> of the FreeBSD SVN repository.
>> A couple of mornings ago, I woke up, ready to start my daily builds (on
>> the laptop & build machine), but noticed that the SVN mirror on the
>> laptop hadn't been updated.  Eventually, I discovered that the reason
>> was that amd(8) [on the build machine] was listening on 873/tcp, which
>> is the port for rsync.  I restarted amd(8); it happened to get other
>> ports, so I restarted rsyncd(8), and was able to perfomr the mirroring.
>> Mind, that was the first time since around February that I've had a
>> problem with using rsyncd(8) in this fashion.
>> Since then, I've become a bit ... sensitized .... to the issue, so a
>> quick "sockstat -4l" immediately after powering it on helps avoid ths
>> sort of thing.
>> So this evening, such a check showed that ypbind(8) was listening on
>> 873/tcp.
>> The most straightforward way to make this a non-issue (it seems to me)
>> would be to start rsyncd(8) before other services that grab arbitrary
>> ports; however, the start-up script for rsyncd s[ecifies:
>> # PROVIDE: rsyncd
>> # BEFORE:  securelevel
>> # KEYWORD: shutdown
>> and both amd & ypbind specify
>> so that approach doesn't seem to quite work out.
>> (I note that I recently stopped tracking stable/7 on the build machine,
>> so I now boot into stable/8; perhaps something changed between stable/7
>> and stable/8 that inicreases the probability of such an unfortunate
>> collsion.)
>> Also, rsyncd(8) doesn't appear to consider this a condition worthy of
>> note -- at least, I wasn't able to find any whines, and the daemon was
>> still running.
>> Anyone have suggestions for avoiding a recurrence (vs. working around
>> the coiindition should one occur)?
> I have been at this point once or twice and it always boiled down to
> rpcbind in my situation on a few NIS+ boxen.
> The problem that I came across was that /usr/local/etc/rc.d is parsed
> long after /etc/rc.d contents so adding the BEFORE to the rsync start
> script would not help or didn't at that time.
> One thing that comes to mind is that script that Jeremy? posted for
> waiting for the network a certain period of time before initializing
> services. Maybe this could also play a role in a situation to have a
> services script that could be controlled by rc.conf(5) to wait for a
> service to come up before continuing its own operation. And of course it
> should continue no matter what in either case but would allow you to
> introduce possibly needed delays in the rc.
> Here is a slightly modified version of Jeremy's script that I use.

The IP_PORTRANGE value, which is used by ypbind and amd to select a port, is 
adjustable according to your needs.  man (4) ip

"IP_PORTRANGE_DEFAULT  use the default range of values, normally
                           IPPORT_HIFIRSTAUTO through IPPORT_HILASTAUTO.  This
                           is adjustable through the sysctl setting:
                           net.inet.ip.portrange.first and

Note that the man page is incorrect for FreeBSD 8.
# uname -r

# sysctl net | grep portrange
net.inet.ip.portrange.randomtime: 45
net.inet.ip.portrange.randomcps: 10
net.inet.ip.portrange.randomized: 1
net.inet.ip.portrange.reservedlow: 0
net.inet.ip.portrange.reservedhigh: 1023
net.inet.ip.portrange.hilast: 65535
net.inet.ip.portrange.hifirst: 49152
net.inet.ip.portrange.last: 65535
net.inet.ip.portrange.first: 10000
net.inet.ip.portrange.lowlast: 600
net.inet.ip.portrange.lowfirst: 1023

So set net.inet.ip.portrange.lowlast to 874.  That should keep rsyncd's port 
from being grabbed, unless I'm misunderstanding this, in which case Matthew or 
someone else will correct me.

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