shells/bash and the libiconv dependency mess

Jeremy Chadwick freebsd at
Tue Aug 17 06:14:33 UTC 2010

Let me explain what transpired in chronological order:

On 2010/05/11, ehaupt committed the following patch:

And bumped PORTREVISION (from 0 to 1) in the Makefile.  This
unconditionally made bash require libiconv, and the only justification
is "fix statically linked version".

Those of us who use WITHOUT_NLS or who do not have libiconv already on
their systems (from another port) immediately notice the problem (bash
will no longer build):

Three months goes by and finally something is committed to fix the
problem on 2010/08/06.  Except the fix doesn't make any sense; all it
does is make libiconv a mandatory dependency (USE_ICONV):

This, of course, means that WITHOUT_NLS is broken and doesn't work as
it's supposed to, since libiconv is now a mandatory requirement (it
doesn't need to be):

# make WITHOUT_NLS=true all-depends-list

Why was this done the way it was? should be removed
and instead replaced with a REINPLACE_CMD that handles the conditionals
(WITH_STATIC_BASIC, WITHOUT_NLS, etc.) in a more clean manner.

And where are the details of the supposed "statically linked version"

Sorry if I sound angry, but this whole situation is a mess, and
shells/bash is a very important port.  If someone wants me to put my
money where my mouth is and go + clean it up I'll be happy to.  Testing
all the different quirk combinations really isn't that complex.

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