portmaster always re-installs some ports

Charlie Kester corky1951 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 17 03:01:39 UTC 2010

A while back I aborted a recursive update (bad idea, I know now) and
must have messed up something in whatever info portmaster uses to decide
whether to re-install a port.  Now, whenever I use portmaster -a, it
re-installs py26-imaging, py26-reportlab and py26-xml.  

Every time.

And it's a re-installation, not an upgrade.

I've tried manually uninstalling and then reinstalling these ports, but
portmaster still thinks they always need to re-installed .  So the
manual un-/re-install apparently doesn't fix whatever info it's looking

I checked the portmaster manpage, but didn't find anything that tells me
how to fix my problem.  I also took a quick look at the portmaster
sourcecode but nothing jumped out at me.

Any ideas?  It's probably something obvious, but I'm missing it.

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