It's annoying when something other than rsyncd listens on tco/873

David Wolfskill david at
Mon Aug 16 05:49:33 UTC 2010

My build machine is noisy & generates heat, so I leave it powered off
when it's not actively in use.

As a consequence, it gets rebooted rather often.

It is configured to run rsyncd(8) so I can update my laptop's local mirror
of the FreeBSD SVN repository.

A couple of mornings ago, I woke up, ready to start my daily builds (on
the laptop & build machine), but noticed that the SVN mirror on the
laptop hadn't been updated.  Eventually, I discovered that the reason
was that amd(8) [on the build machine] was listening on 873/tcp, which
is the port for rsync.  I restarted amd(8); it happened to get other
ports, so I restarted rsyncd(8), and was able to perfomr the mirroring.

Mind, that was the first time since around February that I've had a
problem with using rsyncd(8) in this fashion.

Since then, I've become a bit ... sensitized .... to the issue, so a
quick "sockstat -4l" immediately after powering it on helps avoid ths
sort of thing.

So this evening, such a check showed that ypbind(8) was listening on

The most straightforward way to make this a non-issue (it seems to me)
would be to start rsyncd(8) before other services that grab arbitrary
ports; however, the start-up script for rsyncd s[ecifies:

# PROVIDE: rsyncd
# BEFORE:  securelevel
# KEYWORD: shutdown

and both amd & ypbind specify


so that approach doesn't seem to quite work out.

(I note that I recently stopped tracking stable/7 on the build machine,
so I now boot into stable/8; perhaps something changed between stable/7
and stable/8 that inicreases the probability of such an unfortunate

Also, rsyncd(8) doesn't appear to consider this a condition worthy of
note -- at least, I wasn't able to find any whines, and the daemon was
still running.

Anyone have suggestions for avoiding a recurrence (vs. working around
the coiindition should one occur)?


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