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Jesse Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to put together a port and I'm running into a dependency
> issue. The package's configure script says it can't find "gmcs" on the
> system.
> A little Googling has told me that gmcs is a part of Mono. But I'm not
> sure which Mono module I need. There are a lot of Mono packages in the
> Ports system (Mono, mono-basic, monodevelop...)
> Searching the Ports system for "gmcs" turns up a blank. Could someone
> please tell me which mono package I should be using?
> Thank you,
> Jesse

Hi Jesse,

When faced with a question like that, I often grep the pkg-plist files
in /usr/ports.  I did that for gmcs like so:

grep gmcs /usr/ports/*/*mono*/pkg-plist

and that turned up:


You can add a BUILD_DEPENDS variable to pull in lang/mono before the
configure script starts.

Hope that helps,
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Thank you, that was very helpful. I'm going to give this a try with
lang/mono as a build dependency and see if this works. Really appreciate
the assistance, sir.


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