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On 07/08/2010 04:32:31, Jim Trigg wrote:
> OK, I'm trying to set up tinderbox to validate the port I maintain and
> another that I'm attempting to put together (well, technically to
> update since the maintainer has not responded to my inquiry).  How do
> I set up ports trees for individual ports and their dependencies?  The
> README only shows how to pull a full ports tree from CVS.

Each port is available as a module in the FreeBSD CVS, so for instance
you can do something like this to grab a specific port from CVS:

   % setenv R_CVSROOT :ext:anoncvs at
   % cvs -d $R_CVSROOT checkout apache22
cvs checkout: Updating apache22
U apache22/Makefile
U apache22/Makefile.doc
[... etc ...]

The module name is generally the same as the port directory, but not
necessarily -- also, for new ports, there may be a period of a day or so
before the MODULES data is updated but after the port is committed.  In
the event of difficulty, you can poke around here to find a useful
checkout target:

See the Handbook page on anonymous CVS servers to find one near you and
also about how to interact with them -- case in point, for the server
above, just hit [Return] in answer to the Password: prompt.

Unless you're severely cramped for space *or* dealing with ports that a
lot of other ports depend on, I'd advise just keeping an up to date copy
of the whole ports tree around (maintained by csup or portsnap in the
usual way) and just check out the ports you're particularly interested
in from CVS to a separate directory.  The ports is clever enough to work
quite happily with out-of-tree port directories.

I grabbed most of this from Ion-Mihai's guide at:



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