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> Hello,
> I am writing in regards to the skype port for FreeBSD.  I currently
> have the most recent build of FreeNAS running on a newer server box.
> If you are unaware, FreeNAS is built off of the FreeBSD system.  I
> have successfully installed and configured numerous ports from the 
> site and am currently interested in the skype
> application. I am wondering if the application is has a command line
> interface as I don't have an operating system GUI with the FreeNAS
> server.  I am looking to set up a skype server that allows me to free
> up my personal PC from having the phone connected to it.  I plan to
> use a usb to RJ11 skype adapter with the application to allow me to
> utilize my phone set I already own.  For a more detailed explanation,
> I plan to do what is done in this article only on my FreeNAS/FreeBSD
> box instead of a Linux box. Could you provide any insight into
> whether or not I will be able to accomplish this given the
> information I have shared with you?  I'm a little nervous about
> frying everything as I have not played around with the skype app yet
> and am unsure of any glitches or "watch-out-fors" regarding it.

I don't think you can do it with the current skype.
However search for the description of skype's API on
There is some WIP for a partially open-sourced version, that might
permit this, but nothing it's out yet.

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