New FreeBSD ports system - bachelors work

Aldis Berjoza aldis at
Thu Apr 29 17:27:32 UTC 2010


Some time ago I've read, that FreeBSD might be interested
to move ports tree to database (sqlite?).
This would require rewriting of all existing and writing
some new tools related to ports.

I'm IT student and next year I have to write bachelor work.
As active FreeBSD user, I am very interested in supporting
FreeBSD, and, if FreeBSD developers, think that such ports
reimplementation would benefit FreeBSD community, I'd be
willing to develop new system.

If you have other ideas, how to improve FreeBSD ports
please let me know. Currently this is just an idea, but I'm
also open to other suggestions/ideas.

Please, FreeBSD team, replay to my email ASAP, cause I have
very limited time to select subjects for next semester,
this will also affect my bachelors work.

Thanks in advance,
Aldis Berjoza
-- --> coming soon

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