ion windows manager on FreeBSD

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Wed Sep 30 11:05:11 UTC 2009

* Albert Shih (Albert.Shih at wrote:

> I'm trying to compile 
> on my FreeBSD 8.0-RC1 and didn't success....
> I would like to known if anyone can help me make ion work ? Maybe someone
> have the patch file for the ? 
> Long time ago ion ports was kick off from the ports system because the will
> of the developper (please don't troll). I just saw the license just change
> maybe now it's possible to put again ion in the ports system ? 
> I would like to help for the ports but as you can see I unable to build for
> myself.

I've seen the license change too. I'm working on the port currently.

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