fontforge: bug in configure?

Naram Qashat cyberbotx at
Mon Sep 28 16:32:57 UTC 2009

Andriy Gapon wrote:
> It seems that there is a subtle bug in fontforge's configure:
> CFLAGS_NOOPT=`echo $CFLAGS | sed -e s/-O2// | sed -e s/-O//`
> This is supposed to produce CFLAGS with all optimization options stripped.
> Let's leave alone the fact that there could be -O1 flag or -O3 or even
> -funroll-all-loops.
> Still, 'g' option is missing from the sed commands.
> Say, CFLAGS contain "-O2 ... -O2", then the first sed command would strip only the
> first occurrence of -O2 and the second command would leave a dangling '2'.
> This is what I am hitting here.
> Proposal:
> CFLAGS_NOOPT=`echo $CFLAGS | sed -e s/-O[0-9]*//g`
> What do you think?

I'd be fine with that.  I'll submit a PR for it later today.

Naram Qashat

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