RESTRICTED among 8.0-release packages (Sep-23 set)

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Thu Sep 24 21:11:09 UTC 2009

Comparing the INDEX of the 8.0-release package set from Sep-23 to my 
installed packages, I found some oddities.

Many RESTRICTED packages are included, for example: print/acroread8, 
net/skype, www/linux-flashplugin9, astro/google-earth, 
multimedia/win32-codecs, audio/lame, print/pdflib, audio/eawpats, 
audio/faac, multimedia/mencoder, and audio/libamrnb.

Moreover, some more packages are missing that were included at the 
beginning of the month: multimedia/libdvdcss, net/liveMedia 
(=>multimedia/vlc), audio/sdl_sound (=>emulators/dosbox), math/octave 
(=>math/koctave). Most of them just build for me. Only octave is marked 
BROKEN for which a fix was suggested:

Since java/diablo-jdk16 now builds with misc/compat7x, is there a reason 
packages with java dependencies are missing? (For me: devel/apache-ant, 
sysutils/jdiskreport, multimedia/projectx, and 
editors/ Especially not having packages 
is a bit unfortunate, since it only build depends on java.

For some of the missing packages that build for me, I was looking for 
pointyhat logs to see what is broken, but could not find them. Are the 
error logs for the preliminary release sets somewhere?

Jan Henrik

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