Signing Request

Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed Sep 23 16:33:17 UTC 2009

In response to "J. Hellenthal" <jhellenthal at>:
> If you do not need to pgp/gpg sign email message to the lists please don't.

What is the purpose of your message?  The above statement is self-cancelling.
If I go to the trouble to establish a pgp/gpg key, I will sign every single
message that I send out.  The purpose of this is to differentiate actual
messages from me from messages that may impersonate me.

> I 
> know I probably don't have your pgp public key and a lot more users probably do 
> not either. Please use your best judgment.

While you're free to voice your opinion, I don't understand your purpose
in spamming three mailing lists with this demand.  What problem are you
trying to solve?

Bill Moran

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