Scilab depends on certain java packages

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Tue Sep 22 20:37:18 UTC 2009

On 22 Sep 2009 19:41, "bf" <bf1783 at> wrote:
> >Dear all,

> >

> >I'm working on rescuing scilab's port (math/scilab), but it seems the

> >latest version depends on loads of java packages that don't seem to

> >have corresponding ports.

> >

> >Is the correct procedure for me to:

> >

> >- Create a new port for each java package

> >

> >or

> >

> >- Somehow automatically download each java package to install along

> >with the scilab port?

> >

> If I recall correctly, it is only the GUI for the new version that

> relies upon the Java software, and you can for the moment just use the

> bundled prerequisites distfiles:



> and just lump that software in them that isn't already in Ports with

> the rest of scilab (offset with a WITH_GUI option, of course, so

> people can opt out), for the sake of convenience, until there is

> enough interest in the individual pieces to split them out to separate

> ports. I made a port months ago without the GUI. BTW, I thought you

> had taken up the maintainership of Scilab4. Last time I asked, some

> users wanted to keep that port so they didn't have to fool around with

> Java, and despite the fact that there was no maintainer, I don't think

> they will be happy to see the old version disappear entirely, the

> assertions of the GCC maintainer run amok notwithstanding. A new port

> is probably in order. I had some old patches somewhere to fix the old

> version for amd64. I'll see if I can dig them up when I have a

> moment.

> b.

Thanks for that, I've gone and made four new ports before I got your reply!  
Never mind, I suppose I could just submit those and depend on them, I think  
they should do well. I'll submit this as scilab5 when it's done, but I'll  
look at making some OPTIONS to change some configure args; it is possible  
to disable the GUI, as you've discovered.

Was Scilab 4's GUI not based on Java then?


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