lsof won't build

Larry Rosenman ler at
Sun Sep 20 04:14:01 UTC 2009

(pardon the top-post, lousy work email client)

Also, some of the kernel structures lsof needs aren't exported to

The best thing to do when lsof won't build is to make sure you have done a
make buildworld & make installworld
with the same sources that are in /usr/src, and match the running kernel.

Larry Rosenman
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Lowell Gilbert writes:

>  >>  Are you saying you rebuilt kernel and lsof built fine afterwards?
>  Right.  lsof needs to look at kernel structures, so it has to be
>  built from the same headers that the kernel was, or it won't know
>  how to interpret the data it retrieves.

	And it finds those not in /usr/include - which, as I understand
things, will in a correctly configured system definitionally match
what's in the running kernel - but in /usr/src, for which such an
expectation is wobbly?

					Robert Huff

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