Creating a New Port: /usr/ports/security/pecl-kadm5

Tim Gustafson tjg at
Wed Sep 16 00:16:07 UTC 2009

> Ah yes, didn't test on earlier versions. It's passed midnight here,
> but I'll add fixes for 7 and 6.x if possible. You probably need to 
> add -lroken to the link chain for this. If you get what's happening
> in files/patch-config.m4 you can try and fix it yourself.

Thanks for all your help on this - I'm really getting excited about the prospect of using this library.  I've been holding out for like a year now.  :\

I got a bit further than before - I'm attaching the updated files/patch-config.m4 file.  I added roken and also com_err.  The library compiles and I can call functions in it.

However, this is what I'm getting in the Apache error log now:

foo/admin at BLAH.LOCAL's Password:

It looks like it's trying to prompt me for a password interactively over STDERR or something at the server level.

Tim Gustafson
Baskin School of Engineering
UC Santa Cruz
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