ports/138835: Python compile failure

Martin Wilke miwi at FreeBSD.org
Tue Sep 15 12:40:59 UTC 2009

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On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 11:28:17AM +0100, David Southwell wrote:
> 1. There has been no blaming only politelly asking question which in the 
> circumstances seem appropriate.
> 2. output of uname -a is included in my reports both ion the PRs and the 
> reports to freebsd-ports and freebsd-python.
> 3. You will see I have already asked James Chang in my posting to ports to 
> post the output of his uname -a.
> 4.dns1# make showconfig
> ===> The following configuration options are available for python26-2.6.2_3:
>      THREADS=on "Enable thread support"
>      HUGE_STACK_SIZE=off "Use a larger thread stack"
>      SEM=on "Use POSIX semaphores (experimental)"
>      PTH=off "Use GNU Pth for threading/multiprocessing"
>      UCS4=on "Use UCS4 for unicode support"
>      PYMALLOC=on "Use python's internal malloc"
>      IPV6=off "Enable IPv6 support"
>      FPECTL=on "Enable floating point exception handling"
> ===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

the problem is here SEM on, if you disable that it builds fine,

beat@ has fixed this issus, please test following patch:


> I do not think this is much help as python26-2.6.2_3 will not build
> 5. Noone is blaming you - and noone is being aggressive- only asking why the 
> standard procedure for handling all PR's does not expect maintainers to go 
> back to the original reporting individual for comments before closing so the 
> maintainer has the benefit of any additional information that might help to 
> resolve the problem. When a port freeze is imminent you can however understand 
> that those who are affected by a failure can feel frustrated when a PR is 
> closed prematurely.
> David Southwell

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