show port commit history in portmaster

Alberto Villa villa.alberto at
Mon Sep 14 17:31:00 UTC 2009

On Monday 14 September 2009 18:19:51 Jason J. Hellenthal wrote:
> I don't see this as a necessary addition. For one portmaster is a shell
>  script.

sorry, i don't get this point

>  For two it means that the upgrade always needs to be connected and
>  able to connect to the freshports site.

you need it too when you download distfiles. also, read the next answer

>  Four I don't see why anyone needs the commit info at upgrade time
>  because as a part of administration this should be taken care of before
>  you decide to upgrade anything.

no, i didn't mean this should be shown when upgrading: i would add an option, 
something like --commit-history. by you as the casual portmaster user, this 
change wouldn't even be noted

>  For three freshports is just an
>  3rd party site where as you can get commit info right from the
>  repo's.

ok, you're right. as said, the script is rough at the moment, i could make it 
more serious (but it works fine for my needs, so i won't, if doug isn't 
interested in adding it to portmaster)

thanks for you feedback!
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